Secretary’s Message


Words are inadequate to inarticulate my gratitude and reverence for Bhagwan Dev Atma, Founder Dev Samaj a gifted visionary, an altruistic master, a man deeply endowed with a sense of duty and discipline . Since I joined DSSW, the one force that has been driving and sustaining me in my work is the grace of Bhagwan Dev Atma. The more I delve deep into the consecrated ocean of Dev Dharma, the more I know about Him, the more found myself exhilarated into action. I have been profoundly inspired and influenced by the urge within the Dev Atma to reshape the existing structure of society with help of love of goodness and truth in humanity, his sense of justice of discipline, his feeling of compassion for the sufferings of the downtrodden and his firm belief and conviction that “in the sphere of religion and education, men and women have the same right as well as his “ love to carry out … (his) right commitments or promises to the finish’’ May His light and not only his words illuminate my soul. May I always be in commune with him, surrender in love and devotion at his lotus feet.

DSCEW has been blessed for having such pioneering, exceptional and enterprising personalities at its helm as do me proud to have inherited their mantle. The traditions and the standards set by them have all along been guiding me as the light house during my professional odyssey. I wish I could bare my heart and soul to reveal how much beholden I am to Shriman Nitmal Singh,Chairman, College Managing Committee for all he has done for me and the institution. The entire effort, dedication and unflinching support and dynamism of kindred spirit do Shriman Nirmal singh ji have put this institution at the acme of glory and frame. How unreservedly he had helped me in my efforts to learn, to grow and realize whatever potentialies I had helped me in, I don’t think I can ever repay the debt of gratitude own him for all he did for me and my advancement in my career, it was under his begins influence and patronage that I got my professional orientation; the ballast that keeps me steady and steadfast through the storms and squalls. It is the blessings of our enlightened masters that NAAC (National Assessment & Accreditation Council) awared Dev Samaj College of Education ‘A’ Grade with 3.16 CGPA.

My heart also goes out with out with grateful and reverence to Shri M.R. Manchanda , Member Managing committee and other members of College Management for their active readiness to render any kind of help whenever requested. Their depending faith in my earnestness and endowers has been an enormous asset for me all these years. The task ahead, I set for myself, is to lead DSCEW to the pinnacle of success and glory, it is a matter of great Satisfaction that DSCEW Continues to render distinguished services of a very high order to such a large number of scholars and at the same time, it is occupying a unique position in the education community and our student have established a record of outstanding achievement in further study, career path, sporying and cultural endeavors and service to community.

Our College Proclaims a powerful Vision for the future of young people and has a deep understanding of our Responsibility to help Shape their Lives. In Choosing DSCEW, Our students choose to belong to a community, a community of excellence. Our particular focus to strengthen our students by imparting education, as well the values propounded by Dev Samaj to take Responsibility for directing their learning pathway and creating their future, well prepared to make a positive contribute to a changing and challenging world. DSCEW understands that it is important for us to work towards providing employment readiness and vocational skills to our girls to address their need for existence as individual.
DSCEW in its journey has striven towards excellence with the collaboration of the entire celebrated faculty, the committed non-teaching staff, sincere students and the parents for their meritorious contribution at their levels, without which no progress or accomplishment could be possible. My emotional props, my companions and my confidants, to each one of them I convey my sincere and profound appreciations and affection with an ardent hope that they will ever continue to support and stand by the institution which they cherish so much.

We have a dream to develop Dev Samaj College of Education into an internationally renowned Institution of knowledge and excellence. It is hoped that with an inbuilt momentum, our institution will continue to march on ward to a better tomorrow in the service of the society and especially our women community. ………………….

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