Chairman’s Message


Women, the epitome of strength and power is harassed and troubled by the society and always has been co modified by our male chauvinistic society. She has been a long victim of alienation imposed on her by devious people with vested interests. Men would behave as if they owned her, and other toyed with her. And yet, with all these something laws, she still manages to take up cudgels and put a daunting flight with indomitable spirit and commendable courage against the most regressive patriarchy with the objective of attaining her due freedom from this cooped up social; drudgery, it is really disheartening to see that even after more than six decades of independence, women still needs to liberate. If it were in my hands, I’d definitely want men to see what women go through. To literally breathe and live like a women for one days and I’m sure they wouldn’t be able to take it. The amount she struggles, the entire problem she goes through and the pains she overcomes it something that no one but a women can go through.

Freeing women is freeing half of the human race because they represent a half of the population. Education is important for everyone but when it comes to a women its importance becomes even more prominent. It is very important of education a women, rather I would say more important than educating a man, because the women’s education will determine how good a bad and how irrational or sensible our next generation would be. Thus the importance of education in a women’s life must not be underestimated and every possible recourses must be provided to make sure she gets the required qualification and temperament important for her well-being as well as for the well-being of the society.

Dev Samaj, under the strong psychic influence of its most worshipful Founder, Bhagwan Dev Atma took daring steps to build a Social Structure where women could enjoy respectable position, free from the gender bias, Bhagwan Bev Atma gave equal rights and status to women with men while adopting many social reforms in this regard like, recognition of girl Child, monogamy, window-remarriage, dowry less marriages etc. the Dev Samaj considers women education essential for their social, moral and Spiritual upliftment. The illustrious Founder sets a golden example in childhood when feeling strongly that education was as good for girl as for boys, he started teaching his two women relatives in the sixties of 19th century . Following with the foot marks of his Holiness Bhagwan Dev Atma, the dev Samaj society has made all out endoovers with missionary zeal to put permanent end to the evillaa against women.

Dev Samaj College Education for Women, an Institution par execellence is scaling unseen, unheard Heights under the stewardship of Secretary, college Managing Committee Dr. (Mrs) Madhu Prashar, a dedicated devotee of Dev Dharam and women of substance. Women of unflinching courage and unstoppable zeal she has transformed DSCEW from and ordinary college to a hub of learning, from courses to careers providing the widest choice of academic and vocational programmers in a backward border town. A lady of conviction and forethought, she knew that today’s women need not just education but Empowerment also.

I congratulate DSCEW for having done us proud by reaccreditation with grade-A and I wish that one day despite its constraints of being in a remote place it would rise to the highest pinnacle of glory and excellence in the field of education.

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