Dev Samaj is a religious body which stands for high principles. It is devoted to the highest service of humanity at large and even to the sub human kingdoms. The chief work of Dev Samaj is the development of high character life of trustworthiness, service and sacrifice in all relation. The most worshipful Founder of Dev Samaj BHAGWAN DEV ATMA, was the first to emphasize the foremost need of higher character of individuals and its unique importance for the nation.

With the object of moral regeneration of the growing generation, Dev Samaj opened more than two dozen educational institutions.

The most worshipful BHAGWAN DEV ATMA was keenly alive to the importance of women Education and realized that no country could prosper where are not able to work side by side with men and discharge their peculiar duties properly.

For the purpose of realizing this, Dev Samaj Girls High School. Ferozepur was started in the year 1901 in the backward area of the rural district where women education was considered a taboo. It is a part of history that Dev Samaj Girls High School, Ferozepur played a laudable role in spreading women education in Punjab. To meet the increasing public demand, Dev Samaj Managing Council Decided to start Dev Samaj College for women at Ferozepur in 1934.

To fulfil the demand of quality teacher for school, Dev Samaj Managing Council decided to start Dev Samaj Training College for women in 1942. Dev Samaj Training College for women, Ferozepur city is the oldest Women Teacher Training College in the whole undivided State of Punjab.


The college provides pre-service teacher education to the women student for regular courses.
1. B.ED. ( Two year course)
2. M.Ed.(Two year course)
3. P.G. Diploma in Guidance &.Counselling
4. Ph.D ( Education )

We provide all necessary assistance and guidance to Phd Students also.

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